What information should I give my website designer before starting a project?

Before building a website, it is important to tell your web designer/developer a bit about yourself or your company and why you need a website. It seems like a silly question but once you think about what you would like to achieve, for example, increasing online sales or creating brand awareness, your website can then be constructed to accommodate these goals.

I’ve included a list below of the questions we ask all of our clients before we start a web project. This information helps us to really understand you and your needs to ensure we can create the best possible experience for you.

To make things even easier, we’ve built a handy project builder which you can view by clicking here so you can fill out your answers and send it straight to us. You can also send us an email to hello@findcreative.london with your project details.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Maya Virdee, Creative Director


  • Who are your main competitors? Please provide links to websites.
  • What does your product or service offer? How does this make you different from your competitors?
  • How do you/will you complete in the market? eg. price, unique features, extra benefits etc.


  • Describe your ideal consumer in terms of demographics eg. age, gender.
  • How does your product or service benefit your ideal consumer?


  • What is your budget for this project?
  • Do you have a deadline in mind?
  • What services are you interested in?
  • What are your goals for the project?
  • Do you currently have a brand identity? If yes, please provide a copy of your logo and brand guidelines


  • Do you have an existing website? If so, please provide the link.
  • If you have a website, what do you like and dislike about it?
  • What websites do you like and dislike and why?
  • Do you have imagery for your website or would you like us to source some?
  • Have you purchased a domain and hosting?
  • How many pages do you need on your site? eg. home, about, contact, blog
  • What features do you need on your website eg. ability to sell products, social media feeds, newsletters, contact form
  • What do you want your website to accomplish? eg. raise awareness of your brand, increase sales


  • Please write any more information below that you think might be relevant.

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